About Bacardi

Second Life Name: Bacardi Lexenstar
Country: USA
Second Life Birthday: Sept. 27th of 2010
Status: Taken, In a D/s Relationship
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Sexual Preferences: I like all actually, :P...Men, Women, Bisexuals, Herms, Shemales, Trannies 
Limits: Scat, Beastiality, Age Play, Incest

Fantasy Porn Scene: Whew...well...I will have to think on this one...A lot is possible and I been coming up with so many scenes with Adam to work on for future projects, so a lot of my fantasies I am sure will be full filled in time when they come up. 

What are your kinks and fetishes: mmmm, I love porn. I love asses...on both men and women. Licking, tonguing, fingering, playing and fucking their asses with my strap on. Having a man or woman gagging on my Strap on. I love being fucked from behind, major turn on. Being spanked, hair pulled, light choking, cages, gags, blindfolds, bindings, restraints, ect. 

Tell us a bit about yourself: Words to describe me...Wise, smart, strong, independent, intelligent, creative, honest, blunt, lovable, sweet, bitchy, polite, well mannered, open minded, silly, goofy, crazy, fun, stubborn, logical, spiritual, observant...I love to laugh and make others laugh.